UK broadcasters and TV service providers are operating in a fast-changing, increasingly-competitive TV market, with a growing range of platforms, devices and products competing to own the TV experience. UK consumers can access TV and video services via smart TV interfaces, streaming media devices connected to the open internet, DTT and hybrid DTV-OTT set-top boxes, pay-TV platforms, OTT apps and other devices – with more to come.

This proliferation of services is leading to a more multifaceted market environment, with industry participants pursuing complex bundling, distribution, aggregation, windowing and cross-subsidy strategies – and competing to bring advanced TV features and functionalities to market. The potential benefits for consumers are huge – but many industry participants are uncertain and anxious about future market developments, as issues around control, commercial terms, transparency, prominence and investment come to the fore.

What have we learnt about the future of TV UX in recent years? Which new advanced TV features and functionalities will gain traction with consumers – and what role will they play in the battle for the living room? What will be the big new UX developments and trends over the next few years – and how will they impact UK broadcasters and pay-TV providers? How will different aggregation platforms, recommendations and personalisation offerings interact, across different services, channels, platforms and devices? Who will own the consumer experience in the future and how might this impact the way consumers navigate for content?

MTM would like to invite you to a special Forum event, exploring the future of programmatic media, data and analytics in the UK. We’re delighted to announce that our panel for the event will include: Richard Halton, CEO of YouViewEd Corn, Strategic Partner Development Manager for Android TV in EMEA, at GoogleBenjamin Tomlinson, Creative Director – UX & Design at NOW TV, Sky; Neil Memmott, Head of Software Engineering at the BBC; and more to come.

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