Over the last few decades, global TV markets have experienced a period of dramatic change and development. TV and video consumption has fragmented across different devices, platforms and channels, driven by the proliferation of film and TV services. Intense competition and global growth has led to a boom in investment, particularly in scripted TV, as well as creating an increasingly globalised landscape for the production and circulation of content.

So, what happens next? How are TV markets across the world expected to develop, grow or contract? In what ways will broadcasters and pay-TV companies need to evolve to meet these market developments? How will the increasing influence of global SVOD services impact supply and demand for TV content? Where will be the new high-growth markets for TV, as traditional markets come under increasing commercial pressures? What will market-leading TV production businesses of the future look like?

MTM recently completed research into the latest trends and developments in the global TV production market and we would like to share the findings with you. We are hosting an exclusive breakfast seminar with a select group of industry executives, which will entail a short presentation of our key findings and a roundtable discussion about future developments, under the Chatham House Rule.

To request a complimentary ticket, please RSVP to jade.rea@mtmlondon.com . We hope to see you there.