Programmatic advertising has developed rapidly in recent years, accounting for nearly three-quarters of online display advertising in 2016 (£2.71bn), with significant growth coming from direct deals and private marketplaces. UK media owners are investing to develop their capabilities, building out private marketplaces and alliances, while media agencies develop their own amibitious plans for managing campaigns, owning data assets and leveraging new approaches. Many industry participants believe that programmatic can help to grow the overall advertising market, benefiting all parties by increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

However, there are uncertainties ahead. The roles and responsibilities of industry participants are changing as advertisers, agencies, programmatic intermediaries, media owners and publishers explore different programmatic models and approaches. UK companies remain anxious about the changing roles of the major global internet businesses – as publishers, platforms, technology providers, data silos and intermediaries. The growth of mobile is creating new challenges, while Issues around transparency and data remain pressing.

How will the programmatic media market evolve over the next few years? What are the prospects for programmatic in TV, radio, outdoor and print? As media agencies and media owners develop their own capabilities, what role will intermediaries and service providers play? Is the adtech market set to consolidate dramatically – or is it set for further growth? Will open exchanges follow ad networks into obsolescence? How will the major internet platforms develop their programmatic capabilities and offerings – as platforms, publishers and service providers? Will programmatic drive industry consolidation and restructuring, as publishers look for scale?

MTM would like to invite you to a special Forum event, exploring the future of programmatic media, data and analytics in the UK. We’re delighted to announce that our panel for the event will include: Adam Ray, Global Head of Programmatic at MindshareSean Ramsay, Head of Buyside Ad Exchange at GoogleSteve Wing, Managing Director of UK, Ireland & Nordics at Rubicon ProjectMatt McAlister, co-founder of and Media & Tech columnist for The GuardianAlex Kirby, Head of Programmatic and Audience Data at Dennis Publishing; and Amit Kotecha, Marketing Director of EMEA at Quantcast.

If you are interested in attending this event, please register at our Eventbrite page! For any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.