Every year, as part of our social responsibility, MTM chooses a local charity to fundraise for and this year we have chosen ‘Hackney Winter Night Shelter’ (HWNS).

It’s our aim to raise £5,000 to donate to this worthwhile charity – BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!


MTM will be participating in a number of different fundraising activities over the upcoming months to support HWNS, as well as volunteering their time at the shelter. At the end of this month a team will be taking on Tough Mudder – 20 grubby kilometres of uphill sprints, 10,000 volt electrocutions, ice cold baths and dark enclosed spaces.


Why homelessness?

The housing crisis isn’t about houses – it’s about people. In London, one in every 59 people are homeless. These people make up for almost 25% of all rough sleepers in England. Of the top 50 local authority homelessness “hotspots” in the UK, 18 were in Greater London. Hackney made it into the top 10 with a reported 6,167 people being classified as homeless.

There are currently 160,000 homeless households in Britain, with rough sleeping set to rise by 76 per cent in the next decade unless the government takes action to tackle it. This number doesn’t include the number of so-called “hidden” rough sleepers that are at risk of being “hidden from help and trapped in horrifying situations”.

Everyone deserves a safe, secure, and affordable place to call home. But every 13 minutes, another family in England becomes homeless, and we want to do our part to help combat this.


Why Hackney Winter Night Shelter?

For the last 25 years HWNS has opened its doors from November-March and welcomed people from different backgrounds – men, women, some close to pension age, some still in their teens – and provided a hot meal and a bed for homeless guests.

Guests who would otherwise be out on the streets during the coldest winter months. During 2016/17 the charity filled 3,500 beds across 18 different church venues. Their core values of ‘inclusion’, ‘supportiveness’, and ‘community’ guide their work. Last year they helped 3 out of every 4 guests to move on to more secure settings, this includes but is not limited to: working with local agencies, providing travels cards to attend important appointments, and supplying move-on packs to help them settle into their new homes.

With a dedicated team of 700 volunteers, who give up their time during the dark winter months, it is clear that the wider community is just as committed to tackling homelessness as the staff.


Make this your good deed for the day

 HWNS offers a vital and invaluable service that us unfortunately needed by an ever increasing number of people. We would greatly appreciate any donationpossible to help HWNS continue the wonderful work they provide for the community.