Fuelled by rights deals and sponsor money, governing bodies, leagues and clubs are trying forge relationships with fans more deeply than ever before.
Rights owners are still enjoying the high revenues from broadcast sales, rights holders are still successful in monetising the large and valuable audience these rights command, and clubs thrive on the funds that trickle down and the global exposure afforded to them. However, a fragmented AV landscape, new market entrants, and technological innovation is changing the game for how all players in the sports industry use the media to achieve their goals. For all the sport’s wealth and its global appeal, these are uncertain times.

If sports broadcast rights are so sought after, why, at the time of writing, is there still one Premier League package available to buy? Yet at the same time the national cricket boards in England and Australia have inked record deals. Online platforms have been hovering around rights for a while; is the dam ready to burst?

Sport operates in a global market place; European football clubs have strong fan bases in China and the US, and are now following a multi-club model. But there is still untapped potential; just how much could these markets grow and what will that mean for how the product is created in the first instance?

What does the next wave of development mean for the sporting world? With more ways to distribute content to fans, new challenger sports, for example MMA and e-sports, are growing strongly; how much of a threat are they to the old guard? In response, what technological advances could more-established sports take advantage of to offer a richer experience to their fans?

MTM would like to invite you to a special Forum event, exploring the future of sports media and go some way to answering these questions. Our panel for the event will include: Ben Napier, Strategic Partner Lead, Broadcast & Sport at Google; David Mahoney, Chief Strategy Officer at England & Wales Cricket Board; Gregory Morris, Senior Brand Research Manager at F1; Pete Burns, Commercial Director EMEA at Deltatre; and Caroline Oakes, eSports Woman of the Year at ESL Gaming. The panel discussion will start promptly at 6:00pm, running to 7:30pm, followed by drinks and networking at the bar.