The kids’ content ecosystem has changed beyond recognition over the last 10 years. Kids today inhabit a multi-touchpoint entertainment environment, where it’s as easy to catch up with their favourite franchises on YouTube as Linear TV, and as easy to interact with their favourite characters via apps and online games as it is to play with a physical toy.

But in this radically altered environment what are kids’ expectations when they turn on the TV or visit YouTube? How does this multi-touchpoint ecosystem fit together? What role can content and channel brands play as kids’ consumption becomes increasingly fragmented? For businesses that create, curate and distribute kids’ content, what does success look like today?

In our Breakfast Seminar, we’ll be sharing our in-depth knowledge of the fast-evolving kids’ video content market and for the first time, a piece of proprietary research we have undertaken, speaking to both kids and industry experts, about how children’s video viewing and content expectations have changed over time and will likely evolve in the future.